Whether you are planning a dinner party, or simply want to dine well at home without the fuss of preparing an intricate meal, Morgan Chayer Culinary Productions brings years of experience and culinary flair to your table.

Meal planning is made simple. Choose entrées, accompaniments and desserts from our current menu, or contact Morgan for specialized options that will satisfy even the most discerning palette.

Dining with Morgan is surprisingly reasonable. Dinner for two for the week (one entrée plus one accompaniment for two for five days) starts at $210. Family Dinner for four for the week (includes entrée plus one accompaniment for four, for five days) starts at $350. Ordering is easy. Just complete the form on this page, or call Morgan. We’ll provide you an exact quote, based on your order and any additions you may desire.

As your food is prepared only after you order, we prefer to have a minimum of 48 hours to create your gourmet meal experience. If you’re in a rush, please contact Morgan; we may be able to help.

When ordering, please be sure to let us know about any food allergies you may have.

Your order will be delivered to your door at the appointed time, fresh and complete with simple, yet detailed instructions for reheating and serving your dinners. You can also freeze your meals for later enjoyment.

Payment is by cash, cheque, or debit.